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Pastel Magic Pendant


A statement crystal pendant with 6 natural stones in a hand sculpted sterling silver setting.  This pendant contains 2 clear quartz points, titanium quartz (blue), vera cruz amethyst (purple), watermelon tourmaline and natural peridot.  This setting is created from a copper sculpted base and individually plated in thick 925 sterling silver.  

The perfect gift for the crystal lover in your life.  This piece brings lots of attention to whomever wears it.  

-Pendant measures 3" tall  by 1 1/2" wide.
-Hangs from a 19" 6mm vintage stainless steel chain with lobster claw closure.
-Comes with a complimentary sterling silver shining cloth.

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Troll Head (3 of 4).jpg
Troll Head (4 of 4).jpg
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