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Heimdallr's Key


A truly unique, one of a kind statement piece.  Heimdallrs Key contains a bright flashy Herkimer diamond atop a large raw shard of glittering amethyst.  This amethyst comes from an antique mineral stock and is completely natural and not heat-treated to increase depth of color.  The glittering specks that float across the amethyst point are reflected in the texture obtained through the electroforming process on the metal.  Several raw green touramline pieces are placed in the setting surrounding the stones. 

The setting is hand sculpted and made from sterling silver plated copper with an aged patina.  This pendant hangs 18" from vintage industrial chain and is 2" wide at the top by 3.5" long. 

Heimdallr is a norse god said to live at the end of the burning rainbow bridge; protector of all the other gods.   Possessing foreknowledge, Heimdallr and Loki are foretold to kill each other at the battle of Ragnarok. 

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