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How I Spent my ABNDN Summer Vacation

 Photo by: Mary Lee Desmond

Photo by: Mary Lee Desmond

ABNDN kicked off the summer with a series of photo shoots, art markets, and collaborations. 

If you follow us on Instagram (our most utilized social media outlet) then it was likely apparent that we were all over the place!  Abandoned churches, dramatic countrysides, creepy Deliverance style cabin in the woods places - everywhere there was something to explore we got down and dirty with.


Model, Kitty Zen, poses in the attic of an abandoned church while wearing a handmade crop top and jewelry by ABNDN
Photographer: Casey Desmond

Our first destination was a quiet little town in the mountains of Vermont.  Casey, Mary and I took a path in the woods towards a private bathing area in the bend of a cold creek.  On our way through the woods we came across this little gem.


Almost swallowed up by the nature around it sat an old hunters cabin;  surrounded by castilleja flowers, wild strawberries and peeping critters.

 Jessie in the Grunge crop top and ABNDN jewelry.

Jessie in the Grunge crop top and ABNDN jewelry.

Inspired by this lovely long forgotten shack, we stopped to take some photos. 

 Casey, as captured by Jessie, looking like a forest mermaid in all ABNDN

Casey, as captured by Jessie, looking like a forest mermaid in all ABNDN

A side tour through my iphone and the fun we had in Vermont:

Mary Lee of Red Hot Box Studios took some amazing photos of Claudia against a stunning natural backdrop in Vermont styled in ABNDN apparel and jewelry.

Vermont is beautiful...but we had many more places to go!

I piled as many friends as possible into a cargo van and everyone took off for another great Cape Escape weekend for ABNDN girl Casey's birthday.   Everyone made some artistic contributions to the wiggity tent that Casey set up for the nights celebrations. 

Casey and I hopped and plane and traveled to Reykjavík, Iceland.  We visited some old friends, and made some new ones.  Mainly we shot photos of the newest ABNDN collection.  While those aren't released yet; here are some behind the scenes photos from our journey. 

We were fortunate to meet and shoot some video of Kælan Mikla and Laufey Soffía styled in ABNDN. 

Not too soon after we landed back in the states from Iceland did we take off and visit some our favorite abandoned places / camping sites. 

After many campfire meals, and hours exploring this beautiful little ghost town we moved onto to another peely paint palace.

I hope you enjoyed the journey of our ABNDN summer mainly through the lens of my iphone.  Until next time!

- Jessie