ABNDN Mountain Adventure: Day One

We left Boston in the pouring rain, and it didn't clear up until we were well into upstate New York. The destination is the forbidden fruit of a clandestine farm town in the backwoods. The mission was to capture a bit of what's left of a few abandoned Catskill resorts. These retro 
beauties have been reclaimed by nature, and are exposed to ravaging locals. On our return, we visited a beautiful High Victorian Gothic asylum. Partially in ruins, this historical facility felt like a haunted castle, and we it's filthy royalty. Here's how it started…
We entered the campgrounds in the beautiful lush forest beyond a community of trailer homes. The light was dimming so we swiftly set up our tent, where we would later cram six people like sardines in a can. Everyone was eager to start a fire, so our entire tribe gathered wood.
At sundown we entered the first hotel by moving the base of a birdbath to a fire escape and pulling ourselves up onto the roof to enter an open window. Last years visit had everyone inspired to "check in" and stay the night inside the hotel despite bringing tents. Much to our dismay, the once immaculate retro hotel that was frozen in time had been vandalized beyond belief. Pastel toilets were used as cannon balls viciously tossed through the walls, bed frames smashed to splinters, stacked mattresses carpeted in beer bottles and cigarettes. Sci-fi furniture had been upturned and the psychedelic holographic wallpaper became a canvas for graffiti with profanity and terrible tags. All things must come to an end and this is part of the cycle of life; none the less it was a sad farewell to a piece of tourism history.

The basement yielded a few pretty treasures; some skeleton keys, a ceramic blue crane sculpture, and some vintage ornamental light fixtures. The earth was slowly devouring the bathhouse in the basement, so it was unsafe to walk through, but the Technicolor painted walls were quite alluring.


Urban exploring photographers had set up mock scenery throughout the rooms.  However, many of them have since been defiled by unappreciative amateurs. Luckily, and much to our surprise, the Holy Grail remained unscathed. A wall of vintage TVs have been stacked in a pyramid shape in front of mustard yellow and silver holographic wallpaper. Group shots, and the like were garnered in this room.

 The previous year's adventure.  Photo by Justin Earsing Photography

The previous year's adventure.  Photo by Justin Earsing Photography

After witnessing the destruction in previous rooms, I was dead certain this UE gem would be in pieces but it remained untouched. It’s as if the vandals actually paid their respects to its shrine like existence before their wrecking ball partied through the rest of the property. Maybe they just didn't see it? Who knows, maybe even hooligans are humbled by its greatness. At this rate It will most likely be gone by the time we return. I was happy to say goodbye and see it one last time.


The night ended with the traditional drinks by the fire under a blanket of stars. Much moonshine was consumed.

Casey Bath House Wall