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Abandoned Hot Springs Hotel, CA

Hi guys! It's been a while since we last blogged - but we will be utilizing this more now that we both live in...CALIFORNIA!!! After a year and a half on separate coasts, we have both been united again in the bay area and are excited to get back to adventuring.  We can't wait to bring those adventures to you through quick  1-2 minute videos long on our youtube channel.  

The rains have been so intense in this area for the last few months that the landscape has turned into a colorfully saturated land that is so surreal everything looks like a movie set.  I've been dying to take advantage by exploring the hills in the area, which is where we came across this awesome abandoned hotel!

We found a dead giveaway on the side of the road..foretelling something must be hiding behind this gate!  After about a half mile walk through a cow pasture overlooking fields of windmills there started to be signs of abandonment. 

Like usual when we get outside exploring we ran into many different types of animal life around the empty structure. 

Our hike down the palm tree lined path into the cows territory was not in vain.  We found what the gates were hiding!

Now this historical landmark is a paradise for graffiti artists.  The eerily empty structure saturated with paint is a unique sight to see against this picturesque rural landscape.

The surreal setting of nature vs. man at this strange location starts to set in, and we are a little tripped out by all the large grazing cattle surrounding this skeleton of a building.

Thinking we're hearing the sounds of human activity around us, we're cautious to wander too far away from the cover of the building and it's surrounding remnants of landscaping.  Palm trees play with our minds as they gently sway in the wind, mimicking the noise of something creeping up from behind.  

Casey ventured further inside the structure than I did.  There was something... a metallic rotten taste, something I couldn't put my finger on.  I felt like I needed to keep an eye, or ear, out outside. 

On the other side of the building we were confronted with the sad and pungent reek of death.  A poor cow has died in the hotel, one more soul lost to Hot Springs Hotel, California.

On the way out we took a moment to take a look at an old abandoned truck left to rot on the hillside.  

Learn more about the history of this location and go on the adventure with us by watching this short video!

Video shot and edited by Jessie May Meow

Music by Casey - Cosmic Microwave Background.

Thanks for adventuring with us!